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Have you ever started reading a book that looked great but then turned out to have some really objectionable qualities? I sure have, and I wished I'd known ahead of time what I was getting into. I recently made a LinkedIn connection with a fellow who gives movie-style ratings to books. Check out his rating for The Devil and Pastor Gus ==> here.

I'm excited to announce I have a new agent! Linda Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency has agreed to take me as a client. She's a nice gal and a smart and hardworking one. I'm looking forward to good things happening with some of my unpublished novels. Thanks in advance, Linda!

Read reviews of The Devil and Pastor Gus on the Reviews page or at Amazon. The nineteen Amazon reviews have a 4.4 star average rating.

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In October, this website had visitors from sixty-five countries. We've had visitors from fifty-two countries this month as of November 28, with the United States, Germany, and Brazil having the most in that order. If you want to see YOUR country at the top of the list, how about inviting your friends and family to visit me.

A big brotherly hug to all of my world-wide guests, no matter where you live.

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"God is all about us, and we're to be all
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