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Unexpected Encouragement

On my AS I COME SINGING blog I recently posted the lyrics of a song of mine called "Kiss My Hurting Heart." It emphasizes that, like a loving parent, God kisses our hearts when we fall and hurt ourselves, He puts us back on the right path when we stray, and makes us whole again when we grieve. A lead sheet for that song is HERE.

I received this moving response from someone who'd read that post:

"Kiss my hurting heart" is where i am today. My broken toy is the freedom to go places as I wish and I needed a reminder that I am whole and taken care of. Thank you for listening when the Holy Spirit whispers."

Many thanks for that encouraging comment. I've received this note from someone I went to high school with fifty-six years or so ago. It really made my day when it came.

Hi Roger,
What a gift you have been given, and what a blessing you have shared with the world. God bless you Roger.

Have you ever sent a short note of appreciation to one of your favorite authors? You can never tell how much a note like that might help make that author's day a bit brighter.

Songs of Encouragement

I wrote this song in November 02 2019, but felt led to add the refrain during April 2020 as an encouragement during the coronavirus. I hope and pray that it will bless you. You can find a free lead sheet (words, notes, and chords) here. Listen to it here.

More recently I felt inspired to write this chorus for "When I Am Scared," which I've re-titled "My Lord Always Provides." But the chorus can also be used separately, and that's what I've done on the video you can watch here.

The Newest News

Angel & the Town Curmudgeon is now out in both print and Kindle editions. It's amazing how motivated I've gotten while being so limited in activities outside of home. When I started writing about the friendship between an old white man and a teenage black girl, I couldn't have known how the United States would soon be so affected by riots, looting, and hatred.

I can't begin to imagine how this book will be received, but I hope it portrays Christian love in a significant way

Second Quarter Newsletter

My newsletter for the second quarter of 2020 is on the website now. Check under the READ option for this and all previous newsletters.

Thought for the Week of 8/9/2020

"The question is not whether we will be extremists,
but what kind of extremists we will be. Will
we be extremists for hate or for love?"
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Update about Nursing Home Ministry

With the whole world facing the oncoming danger of the coronavirus, our church nursing home ministry was the first thing to affect me personally. Quite understandably, the nursing home will not be accepting volunteer groups until further notice.

So there won't be any new music videos in the interim. For now I'll leave the most recent one here. I believe it's quite relevant to the future none of us can predict with certainty. But we can face it with confidence that everything that affects our lives is "In God's Hands."

Here's the March 4 music video from my church's weekly nursing home service.

If you're interested in seeing previous videos, click HERE.

Free PDF lead sheets of many of my songs are available under the "Read" tab.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon.

Best regards,

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