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Things Changing Faster Than I Can Update My Website

I previously mentioned that I got the rights to seven of my books back from my Winged Publications publisher, Cynthia Hickey. I spent countless hours getting those books ready to republish before going on vacation at the end of September.

Time to relax, huh

I wish. I decided to create a boxed set of the four Altered Hearts books (Kindle edition only) and price it at $3.99, merely half the cost of the four individually. Because of the work I'd put into publishing the separate books, my only real headache was trying to figure out how to create one of those nifty "boxed set" graphics you see on Amazon.

No success. So I settled for this graphic:

Third Quarter Newsletter

I've managed to get my third quarter newsletter written and released. I have a small number of subscribers and would like to have more. Even if you don't want to learn more about me and my writing, I also like to recommend books I've enjoyed reading. The current newsletter is always available on this website, too.

New Way to Buy The Devil and Pastor Gus

My publisher for The Devil and Pastor Gus has included that book in a new boxed set—called Catch Me If You Can. Hopefully that will introduce it to new readers. Of course it will continue to be available as a single print and Kindle book. If by any chance you've posted a review of Pastor Gus previously, would you mind copying your review to the boxed set. Many thanks!

The Importance of Reviews

You may not realize how important reviews are to authors, but that's why I dedicate a good portion of my home page to talking about some of the reviews my books have received. I recently published a blog post on the subject, and I hope many of you will read it here.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon.

Best regards,

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"The author or speaker from whom you learn the most is not the one who teaches you something you didn't know before, but the one who helps you take a truth with which you have quietly struggled, give it expression, and speak it clearly and boldly."
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