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Successful Promotion

A short time ago I ran a free book promotion at Amazon for Angel & the Town Curmudgeon. It was far more successful than similar promotions for my other novels.

My previously most successful promotion, When Love Won't Wait, had 1472 downloads, but Angel & the Town Curmudgeon had 2229! Not only that, several people read the book and wrote five-star reviews before the promotion was over.

Angel & the Town Curmudgeon now has twenty-two reviews and a 4.5 star rating. Thank you, readers and reviewers.

Here's one of the reviews.

A great story with Christian ethics and morals, yet such a easy read. I had difficulty putting down to go to bed or do necessary chores. Will I be reading more of this authors work.

But what means even more to me this this Facebook post to my wife:

Tell Roger I am getting feedback from Farm sisters on his book! They love it! Just heard from Darlene in California, like me ,she didn't want to put it down once she got into it! Denise in New Jersey just started it. Sara in Paris, Texas, loves to read and she is loving it!

Have you ever sent a short note of appreciation to one of your favorite authors? You can never tell how much a post like that might help make that author's day a bit brighter.

Songs of Encouragement

I wrote "The Balm Song" in November 02 2019, but felt led to add the refrain during April 2020 as an encouragement during the coronavirus. I hope and pray that it will bless you. You can find a free lead sheet (words, notes, and chords) here. Listen to it here.

More recently I felt inspired to write this chorus for "When I Am Scared," which I've re-titled "My Lord Always Provides." But the chorus can also be used separately, and that's what I've done on the video you can watch here.

Third Quarter Newsletter

My newsletter for the third quarter of 2020 is on the website now. Check under the READ option for this and all previous newsletters.

Thought for the Week of 11/8/2020

"No matter how hard I try, I don't
always achieve my goals. I've learned
to settle for doing my best."
Cecil Murphey


Nursing Home Ministry Still a No-Go

Because of COVID-19 and the exceptional danger to nursing home residents, we don't have any idea when we'll be able to resume holding services.

You'll find the March 4 music video—that's the most recent one—down below. I believe it's quite relevant to the future none of us can predict. But we can face with confidence that everything that affects our lives is "In God's Hands."

If you're interested in previous videos, click HERE.

Free PDF lead sheets of many of my songs are available under the "Read" tab.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon.

Best regards,

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