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For the past year I've been so busy trying to make people aware of The Devil & Pastor Gus that I've failed to remind my friends and readers that Found in Translation and Lost in Dreams are both still available. Click on the Purchase tab if you're interested.

But I have something else new as well. A year or two ago I self-published a little book (about fifty pages) of some of my older, shorter works. That one is Yesterday's Blossoms. I've just completed putting together a More of Yesterday's Blossoms with another fifty pages' worth of older writings.

If you'd like to take a look, click on this image.

By the way, most of the writings in the Yesterday's Blossoms books can be found on this website, but the books are a handier way to read and share them with others.

Read reviews of The Devil and Pastor Gus on the Reviews page or at Amazon. The nineteen Amazon reviews have a 4.4 star average rating.

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In January, this website had visitors from fifty-three countries. We've had visitors from fourteen this month as of February 3 with Libya, the United States, and Malaysia having the most in that order. If you want to see YOUR country at the top of the list, how about inviting your friends and family to visit me.

A big brotherly hug to all of my world-wide guests, no matter where you live.

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"God never consults our past when planning
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Ron Heiber

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