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I Write Music, Too

I know I'm usually talking about novels and reviews, but did you know I've been an amateur song writer for over fifty years? Although I'm not a professional musician, I've recorded many of my more than two hundred songs and also made videos of me singing some of them. Click the Listen menu tab to watch or listen to some of them.

A Recent Blog Interview

Sara Foust posted an interview with me on her blog. The interview featured Impractically Yours and why it would make a great Valentine's Day gift. It was one of my best blog interviews ever. You can see it here.

A Few Reviews

About The Devil and Pastor Gus:

I gave it a 5 because the writing style was captivating, lost sleep as i couldn't put it down. The theology came thru without being preachy. It had drama, comedy, truth, and fantasy. The dialogue was believable between Satan and Pastor Gus. God's rich plan and loving forgiveness came thru clearly. Taking things into our own hands without consulting and trusting Jesus was clearly explained as sin. PRIDE. The sin that cost Satan his place in heaven. Worth reading.

~~Kindle Customer

The characters are so life like. We have all experienced various points like this in our own lives. To see this written and in print, as if the hearts and minds of so many were brought together to explain in a simple way the Truth. The Truth of the good news of the love of Jesus Christ. Amazing!

~~Amazon Customer

About Do I Ever:

This story is a delightful mix of love, faith, trust and twists. Even the deceptions are fun. As always, Bruner's characters are so authentic the reader often feels as if s/he is one of them, or at least standing beside them and cheering them on. Although the subjects of divorce and deception are serious, the author uses subtle humor to portray the married couples' shenanigans in a clever way. While the ending isn't entirely a surprise, the secrets revealed that lead up to it are. A can't put down book worth staying up late to read. Don't miss it.

~~Bonnie Engstrom

About Found in Translation:

Roger Bruner is such a wonderful writer that his characters all come to life on the page. I am so glad I read Rosa No Name first, even though this is a prequel to it. Found in Translation explains so much and makes both stories authentic. I've never read books in this order before, but I think in this case it's important. I hope others will read both of them in either sequence. Bruner says this story is YA, written for teens. I disagree. It's fascinating and factual and full of energy. A must read for anyone who is conflicted and/or confused about what God's assignments are for life. Read it! It's fun, entertaining and enlightening.

--Bonnie Engstrom

The Importance of Reviews

You may not realize how important reviews are to authors, but that's why I dedicate a good portion of my home page to talking about some of the reviews my books have received. I recently published a blog post on the subject, and I hope many of you will read it here.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon.

Best regards,

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