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Amazing! When we made the Kindle edition of Rosa No-Name free for two days, more than 700 people "bought" a copy! It was so much fun monitoring the numbers as they kept going up and up and further up. Hopefully a number of those people will actually read Rosa, start talking about it with their friends, and start posting more reviews on Amazon.

Peggy Phifer posted my article about how Rosa No-Name came to be. Read it here.

Rosa No-Name is up to seven reviews, and they are wonderful. So far, they have a 4.8 star Amazon rating. Here are several of the reviews.

  • "This book was hard to put down with its many twists and turns. Often my audible gasps had my husband wondering what was going on! I haven't read a book in awhile and this one has prompted me to get back into reading more often. The Christian overtones were done in a clever way.. a must read"

  • "This book was so beautifully written. Takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions! Very descriptive writing, you feel as if your there! Wonderful cast of characters. I was rooting for Rosa!! This was a prequel to Found in Translation, now I can't wait to read it!! I highly recommend this book!"
If you've read Rosa No-Name but haven't written a review yet, would you consider submitting one on Amazon or Good Reads? You'll be helping other readers decide whether they might enjoy reading Rosa.

Not every book is for every reader. But The Devil and Pastor Gus has had some really nice reviews. Here are some of the most recent ones.

  • "I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters are so real I felt like I knew them by the time I had finished. In particular, I felt for Pastor Gus in many ways. He is such a likeable character.

    "I can't imagine anyone not enjoy this book. It is so well-written and there are enough twists to keep the reader guessing."

  • "Interesting to see how the devil gets into hearts and lives and humans try to play both sides. Pastor Gus was a fun character."
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