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Thoughts, Musings, & Quotes (2011)
Sometimes I just let my mind wander. It goes in a different direction each week, so keep checking back. (Musings are original unless otherwise noted. Many are quotes from other people.)

I can't imagine how large God is, much less how He could
make Himself as small as a human baby. (12/25/2011)

Previous musings listed below in reverse chronological order

  • Even the hardiest of "live" Christmas trees dies eventually, never to live again. But Jesus Christ, God's Christmas gift to us, died once to live forever--and give eternal life to all who accept Him. (12/18/2011)
  • When I see a rose blooming in the midst of frost, how can I doubt God's ability to enable a life to blossom in the midst of deep despair? (12/11/2011)
  • When you look at the typical Christmas manger scene, do you realize that the wise men didn't arrive when the shepherds did? Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were living in a house at the time of their arrival, not still in the stable. (12/4/2011)
  • Finding the perfect mate doesn’t solve all of life's problems, but it sure is nice. (11/27/2011)
  • Have you ever noticed that we assume Jesus was born at night? Maybe because of the star and the angels' appearance. But does the Bible say Jesus had just been born a moment earlier? Not that I can find. (11/20/2011)
  • In the autumn when leaves pass their prime "work time" and "retire," many of them turn the most beautiful colors and give passers-by great pleasure before dying and falling to the ground. Others just turn brown and hang around as if waiting to die. They look repulsive and ugly. If you're nearing retirement age, which kind of leaf will you be? (11/13/11)
  • If you’re busy climbing the ladder of success, make sure it’s leaning against the right wall. Else your destination may be an unpleasant and unfulfilling surprise. (11/6/2011)
  • Forgetting is harder than forgiving. Yet God does it whenever we ask Him to. (10/30/11)
  • Although God may call us to break out of our comfort zones, we’re never on our own. (10/23/2011)
  • If we encounter a stumbling block in what we’re trying to do ?for God,? maybe we should stop and ask Him if that’s what He wants us to be doing. (10/16/2011)
  • If we’re doing something that doesn’t require prayer, could it be we’re falling short of what God wants us to be doing? (source unknown) (10/9/2011)
  • If I spent all of my time counting God's blessings, I wouldn't have time to ask Him for anything else. (10/2/2011)
  • Life has potholes I can’t always see how to avoid. That’s when I’m especially glad to have God in the driver’s seat. (9/25/2011)
  • Somebody is watching what you do; be an example worth imitating. (9/18/2011)
  • God doesn’t punish us by making bad things happen to us; He’s incapable of doing wrong. But He may use bad things to teach us lessons He wants us to learn. (9/11/2011)
  • A happy couple consists of two already-fulfilled individuals (9/4/2011)
  • A wedding is one thing you don't want to come off without a hitch. (8/28/2011)
  • If God is only your co-pilot, you need to change seats.
    adapted from a bumper sticker (8/21/2011)
  • Being confident of one’s own abilities is one thing; forgetting Who gave you those abilities is something else (8/14/2011)
  • Marketing is making others like you so they'll purchase your product. Witnessing about your Christian faith is living so others will come to love Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Master. (8/7/2011)
  • If you understand God, you have the wrong one; the real God is bigger than anyone can understand. (7/30/2011)
  • People are always running up against brick walls. God doesn’t have that problem. He has no limitations. (7/23/2011).
  • There’s a big difference between telling a deliberate lie and saying something in good faith that turns out to be incorrect (7/17/2011)
  • Ladies, young and old, if the way you dress says, “Yes,” don’t be shocked when a fellow fails to take your “No!” seriously. (07/10/2011)
  • The only perfect freedom is the world is found in involuntary enslavement to Christ. (07/03/2011)
  • Shooting one's mouth off thoughtlessly can do as much damage as firing a gun carelessly, and the results can be just as long-lasting. And unalterable. And sometimes more so. (6/25/2011)
  • Wouldn't it be great if adults knew as much as teens do? (06/18/2011)
  • He who fails to pray for a miracle dishonors God (Michael Jaffarian) (06/11/2011)
  • You've heard that practice makes perfect? It doesn't. It just makes permanent. (06/04/2011)
  • I could no more handle the freedom of doing anything I wanted than the responsibility of being God. Good thing for the world I'm just me. (5/29/2011)
  • Counting our blessings leaves no time for complaining about our problems. (5/22/2011)
  • Living takes more courage than dying. Only God can provide that kind of courage under all circumstances. (5/15/2011)
  • If you want what God wants, what more could you ask for? (5/8/2011)
  • If having two ears and one mouth means we should listen more than we talk, does having two legs and one bottom mean we should exercise more than we sit? (5/1/2011)
  • The celebration of Christmas is important; after all, if Jesus hadn't been born as both God and man, God's plan would have remained in His head.But Easter is more important; if Christ hadn't risen from the dead, God couldn't have completed His plan, and we'd all be lost. (4/25/2011)
  • Don't you wish people were as aware of your good intentions as God is--and that God was never aware of your bad intentions? (4/17/2011)
  • Have you ever noticed that men are more apt to thank another man for holding a door open than women are? (4/10/2011)
  • Worry doesn’t change anything, but stress can kill you. (4/3/2011)
  • Maybe scientists will figure out how to create life, but I dare them to create a universe out of nothing. (3/27/2011)
  • As human beings, it's difficult to turn the control of our lives over to God; but we're not really in control, anyhow. (3/20/2011)
  • Pray for the people of Japan; their problems are worse than yours. (3/13/2011)
  • Which do you prefer--change that sneaks up on you and attacks quickly or change you dread because you can see it coming over a period of time? Either way, remind yourself that God's still in control. (3/6/2011)
  • One thing God cannot do is force us to love Him; that wouldn't be love. (2/27/2011)
  • Not everyone is called to be a leader. (2/20/2011)
  • Children do not cause their parents’ marital problems. (2/13/2011)
  • The customer isn't always right, but the customer is always the customer. (2/6/2011)
  • God doesn’t necessarily take away pain, but He helps us endure it. (1/30/2011)
  • You think you're going to change your spouse once you're married? Try learning to understand him or her instead! (1/23/2011)
  • A happily married couple begins with two happy, fulfilled individuals. (1/16/2011)
  • Earthly life isn’t comparable to eternal life, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t accept God’s help in living the most godly lives possible. (1/9/2011)
  • Many books have been written claiming that the Bible isn't God's Word, but no one has ever written a book to deny the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies in Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection. (1/2/2011)