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Thoughts, Musings, & Quotes (2012)

Sometimes I just let my mind wander. It goes in a different direction each week, so keep checking back. (Musings are original unless otherwise noted. Many are quotes from other people.)

"A Christian following the world's ways instead of God's
would be like a fetus trying to stay in the womb."
(source unknown) (12/30/2012)

Previous musings listed below in reverse chronological order

  • Don't promise something you doubt your ability to carry through with. (12/23/2012)
  • A wedding is one thing you don't want to "come off without a hitch." (12/16/2012)
  • Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free." He may not have been talking about health issues, but isn't knowing the worst about a medical problem far better than fretting about it and possibly making it out to be worse than it is? (12/9/2012)
  • "I don't intentionally stretch the truth, but my fallible memory does." (Cec Murphey) (12/2/2012)
  • I can only marvel that--when I'm feeling my weakest--I'm most conscious of God's ever present strength. (11/25/2012)
  • What's your opinion of someone who?s apathetic, but says he doesn't care? (11/18/2012)
  • "We're already living in 'the good old days.'" (Michael Hyatt) (11/11/2012)
  • Some parents don't deserve to be. (11/4/2012)
  • God gave mankind free will so that loving Him would be our decision; He knew that no one--not even He--could force people to love Him. (10/28/2012)
  • God doesn't have enemies; He outlives them. (10/21/2012)
  • God doesn't need your money. He wants your love. (10/14/2012)
  • "If you could kick the person responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn't sit for a month." (President Theodore Roosevel) (10/7/2012)
  • Funny how telling a secret to just one person can be enough to get the rumor mill going. (9/30/2012)
  • Promising something you honestly intend to carry through with isn't a lie if you?re unable to do it; promising dishonestly is. (9/23/2012)
  • The Bible is still in print, isn't it? So why do we need all these self-help books? God's help is so far superior. (9/16/2012)
  • Happiness is a life-long pursuit; it's a process, not a goal. (9/9/2012)
  • Wouldn't it be great if Christians came up with some kind of non-vulgar hand motion to express upsetness--but not un-Christlike anger--at another driver who's done something stupid, dangerous, or illegal? (9/2/2012)
  • An impressionist may be able to paint flowers that look fuzzy close up, but only God can create the real thing. (8/26/2012)
  • "Creativity is intelligence having fun." (Albert Einstein) (8/19/2012)
  • "I value all things only by the price they shall gain in eternity." (John Wesley) (8/12/2012)
  • When we receive a letter from a loved one, we tear right into it and read it over and over again. So why do we so easily ignore God's love letter to us--the Bible--and treat Him as if we don't care about what He has to say? (8/5/2012)
  • Why do we call them hummingbirds when they won't let us get near enough to listen? (7/29/2012)
  • "You can not help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong." (Abraham Lincoln) (7-22-2012)
  • "What if Congressmen wore uniforms like NASCAR drivers which identify all their corporate sponsors?" (newsletter article title) (7/15/2012)
  • "You know you're a photographer when a spider the size of a small pony runs across the window sill in front of your computer and you grab for your camera instead the fly swatter." (from a post it at (7/8/2012)
  • You get fewer pebbles in your sandals when you lift your feet than when you shuffle along. (7/1/2012)
  • It isn't true because it's in the Bible; it's in the Bible because it's true. (source unknown) (6/24/2012)
  • Happiness depends on circumstances. Joy comes from the Lord. (6/17/2012)
  • "Christian, if all of your friends are Christians, too, it's time to make some new friends." (Pastor Jeff Brauer) (6/10/2012)
  • "Nothing in your whole life happens without a prior thought." (Joel Sutton) (6/3/2012)
  • "Logic might make us think, but it is emotion that makes us act." (Rob Eager) (5/27/2012)
  • Physical freedom--the kind police and military try to protect--is extremely costly. Only spiritual freedom, the kind only God can provide, is truly free. (Adopted from a bumper sticker that said, "Freedom isn't free.") (5/19/2012)
  • The hurt hurt others; the healed hurt with the hurting. (5/13/2012)
  • Which thought scares you more, trying and failing or succeeding at the wrong thing?(5/6/2012)
  • "It is in the interest of Tyrants to reduce the people to ignorance and vice. For they cannot live in a country where virtue and knowledge prevail." (Samuel Adams, 1772) (4/29/2012)
  • Man may not live by bread alone, but he sure can't live without it. (4/22/2012)
  • Who do you love more--God or other people? God is jealous. He wants and deserves to be first in your affection. (4/15/2012)
  • Can you believe God considered you and me--sinners though we be--worth sending His only Son to die for? The really important question, however, is, DO you believe? Happy Easter! (4/8/2012)
  • Even the most righteous people sin; even the holiest people need God's forgiveness. Isn't it great that His forgiveness is free? (4/1/2012)
  • When I was a child, I used to marvel at the thought that nobody had created God. He had simply always been. Now I praise Him for every additional thing I realize I don't understand about Him. (3/25/2012)
  • If I'm ever diagnosed with an incurable fatal illness, would it be sinful for me to take up some old bad habit again, one that can no longer hurt me, like overeating? (3/18/2012)
  • "Beginning well is a momentary thing; finishing well is a lifelong thing." (Ravi Zacharias) (3/11/2012)
  • Don't you wish our past mistakes would melt away like fallen snow once the temperature rises high enough? But wait! God's love is warm enough to melt them and make the remaining guilt evaporate fully. (3/4/2012)
  • When I go out for a stroll, I use a walking stick to help keep my balance; as I move along through my life, I lean on God for the balance I need to complete that walk. (2/26/2012)
  • I love to listen to the silence of snow falling. (2/19/2012)
  • I don't understand how God can be big enough to hold all of us in His hands at the same time, but I sure am glad He is. (2/12/2012)
  • I don't care whether God created the world in seven 24-hour days or seven longer periods of time. The important thing is that He created. (2/5/2012)
  • God sometimes speaks through the most boisterous thunder, but He often speaks through the most profound silence. (1/29/2012)
  • God's timing is immensely different from ours?and it often appears to be slow motion. (1/22/2012)
  • A puppy is more fun to play with than a new grandbaby. (1/15/2012)
  • "My God--not my Government--will supply all my needs." (quoted from a t-shirt) (1/8/2012)
  • The start of a new year is a great new beginning, but it doesn't compare with the new beginnings we have when we become God's children through faith in Jesus Christ (1/1/2012)
  • I can't imagine how large God is, much less how He could make Himself as small as a human baby. (12/25/2011)