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Songs & Instrumentals Recorded at Home
These are original songs I've recorded in my home studio. The more recent recordings were done on the tiny but highly versatile Tascam pictured below. The older recordings use the much larger Yamaha recorder and rack of equipment in the picture beneath the Tascam. Click on the two thumbnails for a bigger view of the recorders and the associated equipment.

Unless otherwise specified, I did all of the vocal and instrumental parts. "Peace on the Earth!" was composed for choir and soloist, but I couldn't do more than just the solo part myself, and the vocal is a tad high for me. The accompaniment (piano, brass, and french horn) are played by Midi from my computer. I've also included just the instrumental version.

"Night Sounds" is the only secular song I've ever written.

Please feel free to use any of these for any noncommercial purpose. Lead sheets for many of them are available here