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Giving My Homepage a Facelift

I admit it. During Covid-19 (thank You, Lord, that Kathleen and I have stayed well throughout) I didn't feel very motivated to keep my homepage updated. I apologize and I'll be working on it a little bit at a time.

At least I've finally gotten my second quarter newsletter done. Please be patient and keep coming back.

Recordings of Original Songs

For quite a few years I've been posting the lyrics of my original songs on my blog, "As I Come Singing."

But I also have audio recordings of a number of them on drop down boxes here. Some of the songs and recordings are newer, while others are songs I've dug out of the old notebooks and relearned to record. My intention is to put a link to the most recent recording on this page.

Ready? Here's "Special to God Almighty".

The Nursing Home Ministry

Our church nursing home ministry team is finally being permitted to return to the Ashland Convalescent Center following our Covid-caused absence. We're trying to regroup, but we don't have a song leader or a backup pianist, and those things are affecting our effectiveness.

I have no idea how many people—if any—have watched the videos of songs I've sung at the nursing home, but I'm not planning on doing video selfies anymore or posting them here. Our hourly service wears me out enough without the pressure of wanting to do my best for the video rather than to please God. And the post-processing was rather time-consuming.

Second Quarter Newsletter

My newsletter for the second quarter of 2021 is now available. Check under the READ option for the current and all previous newsletters.

Thought for the Week of 9/19/2021

"What we want is not more little books about
Christianity, but more little books by Christians
on other subjects — with their Christianity latent."
C. S. Lewis

I hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon.

Best regards,

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