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In this whimsical sequel to ANGEL & THE TOWN CURMUDGEON, Claude Robertson's little yellow hen Lolita not only tells the story from her point of view as Claude's pet, she also uses her unique talents to help her aging master in some of the most wonderfully humorous ways.

Not only does the Town Curmudgeon’s pet hen Lolita learn to use the computer and get her own newspaper column, she helps the lifelong bachelor survive the challenges of old age and find true love in the process.

[Chapter One]

When a lonely sixteen-year-old black girl and a heartbroken eighty-year-old white man become best friends, how will God use their relationship to help them?

[Chapter One]

An off-beat novel about Bryan Centuria, adopted son of a Protestant pastor. Convinced that God has promised him strength and a century-long lifespan, Bryan successfully pursues wealth and prestige while spurning love and ignoring God. Bryan's mid-life crisis convinces him that God's promise is just wishful thinking and nothing can prevent him from dying before his fiftieth birthday. Retiring to a houseboat to await death, Bryan believes it's too late to start over. But God has other ideas..

[Chapter One]

A coming-of-age novel about two young men who are trying to free themselves from their Christian upbringing. Joel is a Preacher's Kid who suffers terrible pangs of conscience just for being human. His best friend, Roberto, is a Nicaraguan immigrant who despises Christians because of the hypocrisy of those who brought his family to the United States. Together they seek the American Dream. But which will have the greater effect on their lives—winning a $5 million lottery or losing it again?

[Chapter One]

Three teens and their political science teacher assist the outgoing president of Holyland to prevent an evil man from becoming president and killing the citizenry.
[Chapter One]

Laugh at Pastor Dan's impulsive efforts to get out of the ministry and marry a woman of his own choosing by going against his domineering widowed mother's wishes.
[Chapter One]

When a pair of teen misfits—preacher's kids—start a club for their fellow misfits, they discover that friendship is more important than popularity.

[Chapter One]

A teen uses her weight loss program to try to attract one boy while ignoring the one who likes her in spite of her fat.

[Chapter One]

In this loose adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, two teens must end the feud they unwittingly started between their fathers. The feud's about whether the sanctuary's elegant new curtains should be drawn to cut the glare through the fancy new windows—one a contribution of Ramon's papa, the other of Julianne's dad. But when the feud threatens their budding romance, the teens must take some drastic steps to reunite their families. But do the ends justify the means?

[Chapter One]

Altered Hearts series

Prequel to both Found in Translation and The Flowers of His Field

[Chapter One]

Orphaned, uneducated, and ignored by the residents of her tiny Mexican village, Rosa No-Name naively seeks a better life in San Diego with her in-name-only husband, Toms. Instead, she finds herself captive to his violence and egotistical whims. When compelled to return to her home village after discovering the truth about her background, Rosa must overcome the village's ignorance and prejudices to win their acceptance, solve a generations-old problem, and overcome a life-threatening problem. But those things don't stop her from attempting to learn more about the God of Christianity she has only heard about casually.

A boxed Kindle set containing all four Altered Hearts books for the price of two.

Prequel to A Season of Pebbles/Lost in Dreams

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Kim Hartlinger—eighteen and spoiled—arrives on a mission trip to Mexico and discovers, to her chagrin, that shell be doing construction in a tiny remote village without plumbing and electricity, rather than evangelism in a medium-sized town with a McDonalds. . . Roughing it isnt exactly what Kim had in mind when she signed up for this trip. As if that isnt enough, the group is without a translator, and Kims dual-language Bible turns out to be Spanish-only. After breaking her arm the first morning on the job, Kim struggles to find a way to help her team and share the truth of Gods Word with the villagers. Will Kim be able to touch the villagers hearts with the Gospel? Or will her time in Mexico be up before she gets the chance?

Prequel to Overshadowed

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In this sequel to Found in Translation, Kim Hartlinger returns home home from Mexico only to find that her mother has died in a car accident coming to pick her up from the airport. Kim suffers guilt, depression, and nightmares because she believes she's to blame for her mother's death. Will God use an invitation to help with a mission project at a men's prison in California to restore Kim's emotional health?


Prequel to The Flowers of His Field

[Chapter One]

The sequel to A Season of Pebbles—A teenager who's lived under the shadow of her family and friends leads a mission team to Nicaragua and discovers who she really is.

Final Altered Hearts book

[Reviews]    [Chapter One]

The sequel to both Rosa No-Name and Overshadowed— A mysterious phone call claiming that Rosa needs help brings Kim Hartlinger, her father, and Rob White back to the tiny Mexican village of Santa María. When they arrive, Rosa says she didn't send for them. She has a problem, yes, but she doesn't need their help. But when she discovers that her problem is more severe than she thought and affects the village's very existence, she realizes how badly she needs her American friends' help to discover and carry out God's solution.


Quirky Romantic Novels


[Chapter One]

Two couples try to hide their pending divorces from one another only to fall in love again.



[Chapter One]

An off-beat "light romance" about Maria and Robbie, two middle-aged best friends. While it's obvious to everyone else that they're the "perfect couple," they're afraid of destroying their friendship by revealing their love to one another. Robbie over-zealously uses his fondness for jokes and puns and his musical expertise to create a special surprise for Maria, whose unexpected reaction threatens both their friendship and their hoped-for romance. Can a local deejay save their relationship in this humorous tale of hidden identities?


[Chapter One]

Two BFFs strive to win the hearts of the two men who couldn't be more different from them, but must learn to practice forgiveness before they can marry them.


Speculative Satire

The Devil and Pastor Gus

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A whimsical, yet thought-provoking Christian speculative novel about the tempestuous relationship between the Rev. Mr. Gus Gospello and the Devil. Middle-aged Pastor Gus is obsessed with leaving a significant spiritual legacy to future generations: a novel ridiculing Satan. The Devil is obsessed with restoring his tarnished reputation by acquiring Gus's soul and delivering him to the fires of Hell. But can anyone win this battle of wills once Satan unwittingly provides Gus with more power than he realizes? (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas)

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