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Reviews of The Flowers of His Field
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Roger Bruner knows how to captivate his readers with issues including romance, betrayal and murder. This book also addresses how we handle the tough issues and is what Christianity is all about. Acting on dreams is another key element in Roger Bruner's book that I love. Great inspiration coupled with the passion of faith in action.

--Jane Jenkins Herlong

Once again this author has dug deep into what it is like to face life as a Christian in a world that does not always cooperate with our plans. Rosa has a dream which she firmly believes God gave her. She is acting on that dream. She has gone from poor to rich and is learning how to handle it all when the unexpected happens. This book deals with betrayal and murder, but how a Christian might handle such tragedies. It also deals with how to work with people in a small village hidden away in the jungles of Mexico, naive and wanting to stay hidden from the world. The author continually points the reader toward the simple life, even amidst turmoil. Though a male, the author also does a superb job with the dialog of the many women in his book. It does rely somewhat on the reader knowing what happened in the prequel. That sometimes lost me. A good, clean read for teens and up.

--Katheryn Maddox Haddad