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Endorsements of The Devil and Pastor Gus

A whimsical, quirky tale that is so much more than whimsical and quirky. This is a story that makes you smile and laugh, but also leaves you with a profound sense of what is happening in the unseen spiritual realm and how it can have a significant impact on your life. I loved The Devil and Pastor Gus.
~~James L. Rubart, Christy Award-winning, bestselling author of Rooms, Soul's Gate, and The Chair

Excellent satire by a skillful wordsmith.
~~Donn Taylor, Author of Lightning on a Quiet Night, Rhapsody in Red, & Deadly Additive

Clever and thought provoking. A winner!
~~Christy Barritt, Award-winning author of Race Against Time, Hazardous Duty, and the Squeaky Clean series

Gus's unique ability to forgive will boggle your mind. The surprise ending will send chills up your spine and bring tears to your eyes. This introspective book, peppered with humor sometimes and nitty-gritty life sometimes, is a must for everyone who has ever struggled with Satan.
~~Katheryn Haddad, Author of Star Song