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Doxxi No More: Chapter One

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Who is Doxxi?
Bo Robertson

Are you as crazy about Doxxi's suspense novels as her millions of other fans? If so, you're probably looking forward to her next release as anxiously as readers used to wait for the next Harry Potter book. I'm one of you.

As far as the rules of writing, Doxxi isn't that good a writer. I'm not sure she even knows what rules she's breaking so freely. But that doesn't matter. As author and writing instructor Stephen James says, "story trumps structure." If the plot is good, the rules aren't as important.

No matter what Doxxi isn't, she is a superb story teller.

She is unquestionably one of America's best contemporary novelists when it comes to writing page-turning suspense. And she does an amazing job of spicing up her novels just enough to titillate our imaginations without ever quite becoming explicit. More than one preacher has lambasted her books from the pulpit for that quality and unintentionally encouraged his congregation to start (or continue) reading Doxxi's novels.

Strangely, this woman's picture and bio don't appear anywhere on her books. She doesn't do signings or give interviews. She doesn't promote her books on television. Or anywhere. Her voice has never been heard.

She doesn't even connect with her fans on social media. How could she? She doesn't have any social media accounts.

Doxxi doesn't have an agent. Her publisher not only claims he's never met her, he says he doesn't have any better idea than the rest of us about who she is. Their limited communication passes between him and his lawyer and then between his lawyer and hers with perhaps another lawyer or two in between.

No one knows who all of those lawyers are, and it wouldn't matter. Everything about Doxxi is protected by client confidentiality.

So, who is this mysterious Doxxi? Why is she as invisible as the wind? And why does she use such an odd but intriguing pseudonym?

I recently went to and found this definition for the slang verb doxi:

      to publish the private personal information of 
      (another person) or reveal the identity of (an 
      online poster) without the consent of that 

It would seem that Doxxi's choice of pseudonyms is ironic. No matter how much speculation has been published about her, she remains successfully undoxxed. Could it be she's intentionally daring someone to discover her identity and release it publicly?

But what if she's not? What if Doxxi has a legitimate reason to remain hidden?

What if she's in prison under circumstances that would put her life in danger if other inmates knew she was the author Doxxi? Or could she be hiding in the safety of the Witness Protection Program? Is she a battered wife trying to keep her sadistic husband from finding and finishing her off?

On the other hand, what if she is so well-known in a field unrelated to writing that her identity might affect our ability to enjoy her books? What if we were to discover, for example, that Doxxi is the President of the United States?

As crazy as that might sound, what if Doxxi is actually a man? Impossible, you say! It may be inconceivable, but is it really impossible?

You could almost say Doxxi is as invisible as God. Wouldn't it be easier to worship God if we could see Him? People in the New Testament could see and worship God in the person of Jesus, though.

Doxxi isn't God the Father and she certainly isn't Jesus the Son. But couldn't we better appreciate her if we could see her as a real live human being who, like us, puts her shoes on one at a time?

You're undoubtedly surprised to see this story in the Entertainment section of Today's News. After all, I'm known for my success-I've won numerous awards-as a serious investigative reporter who leaves concerns about trivial matters in the hands of less capable reporters.

But Doxxi's identity isn't trivial. Not even to my boss, the owner and publisher of this outstanding newspaper. So when he challenged me to uncover the truth about Doxxi and promised his unlimited support, both financial and otherwise, I smiled and shook his hand.

Although this investigation may prove more challenging and time consuming than digging up facts about the worst crimes and instances of political corruption, I have never failed.

I will not fail this time.

I will learn who Doxxi is and publish my findings on the front page of this newspaper in due time. That promise I will keep.